Postnatal Physiotherapy

Again a new concept, the Post Natal Exercise Programme can be started as early as 15 days after normal delivery & 1 month after C-section in general. The initial 6 months after pregnancy is the crucial & right time to deal with the extra weight and deconditioning after pregnancy. The pelvic angles which get enlarged to accommodate the baby never return to the pre-pregnancy level if exercises are not done during initial months. Exercising mothers can easily shed off extra fat, squeeze the pelvis & maintain tone of their pelvic floor muscles.

Post-Natal Exercise Programme is also individualized and has a varied and unique combination of exercises, most important being external & Internal Pelvic Workouts, Turbulence Training, Cardio workouts, Power Yoga & Baby Care Ergonomics. Together at both centers we have everyday more than 200 mothers coming for their Post-Natal Physiotherapy Proqramme.