Fat Loss & Health Care

Busy professionals, homemakers, retired women, young women, and teenagers, all with the same mission in mind: setting personal goals towards health and fitness as priority in their lives.

Wellbeing Slimming Center ( Fat Loss & Health Care) has been serving for over 5 years. With it's small personal homey atmosphere, the women feel comfortable and secure while getting a great workout.

Unlike other slimming centers, Wellbeing Slimming Center caters to the real health needs of women while making it convenient and affordable for everyone.

There is no magic pill or magic formula for achieving or maintaining good health. It is hard work and determination combined with sensible eating that helps each woman reach her goals, but we provides some special sessions of Deep Heat Therapy, Vacuum Therapy, Inch Loss Therapy that helps in weight reduction very easily while lying on the bed.

The staff at Wellbeing Physiotherapy Center helps each woman by providing great health information sessions, wonderful classes, helpful aides and products.

We recognize that there is a choice when choosing a women's only gym but we are the only fully equipped gym for weight training and nutritional services.